Tips for Finding the Best Sushi

07 Jan

Sushi is one of the most loved and sometimes hated Japanese delicacies. This is because it is prepared with raw fish together with other ingredients that can make you love or hate it actively. If you are a new sushi lover or you would like to try out this delicacy someday, some tips can help you in having the best experience with it.  You should start by checking out if there is any sushi restaurant near you. There is a bar for displaying fish in the best sushi restaurants. It is there for you to look at the quality of their fish. The fish should not be dry. It should be juicy and also the same that is being used by the chef to prepare your sushi. You should ask for an explanation if the fish used by the chef is different from the one on display.  

A reputable sushi restaurant will take pride in displaying quality and fresh fish. If the restaurant does not have a fish display bar, do not eat their sushi. The freshness of the fish reduces when it is prepared in advance. You should avoid any sushi restaurant that does that. It is essential that you get the kind of sushi you are paying for. A good sushi restaurant will allow the diners to order the pieces of sushi one at a time. If the restaurant requires that you order everything at a go, it could be that the fish is not fresh. It could also be that the fish had been prepared earlier. Therefore take note and avoid that kind of a restaurant. The flavour of the rice used in making sushi is also another thing to consider. Check out sushi by bou  or visit for the best restaurants.

 Sushi rice should be shortly grained combined with salt, water, rice vinegar and sugar. This gives the rice a good flavour.  If the rice does not have a good taste you should try another sushi restaurant. The menu should also contain the traditional sushi dishes among others. It could be that the chef is not well trained in the menu lacks traditional sushi.  This could also mean that the sushi served there is not up to the standards. You can also decide to order and wait for the chef to treat you with his or her special. This is a risky thing to do, but you might end up having the best sushi of your life. This will also lead to a good relationship with the chef for even better-tasting sushi in the future. If you do not like the experience keep searching until you get the best sushi for your money. Continue reading more on this here:

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